Rick Quinlan

Rick began his career with ASI Entertainment in Hollywood, CA in 1979. He relocated to Cincinnati after the company acquired the original Burke copy test group, where Rick was instrumental in the development and refinement of measures for diagnostic understanding of consumer response to media stimuli that helped Ipsos-ASI surge to leadership in the area of advertising research.

Rick sought to grow his research background and left to work with IRI and MarketVision. In February 2003, Rick returned to ASI Entertainment, rejoining the team that pioneered entertainment and advertising research, and most recently returned to Cincinnati to assumer his current position.

Rick has invaluable experience in the field of consumer response and advertising research, having analyzed and presented recommendations and results for more than 1500 commercials by some of the advertising industry’s most creative and research savvy advertisers and agencies. He was integral in the research efforts that helped Ralston-Purina and Bayer Consumer Care achieve the marketing success stories that were eventually honored with recognition and the ARF’s Ogilvy Research Awards.

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