Michiko Hashimoto

Michiko is a founder and Managing Director of Vision Bridge, LLC based in Tokyo. Vision Bridge is the first Japanese firm specializing in association management services, including membership database management, mailing services, meeting management, strategic marketing services, and consulting.

Michiko has more than 20 years of professional and business experience working with client organizations, including more than 10 years of planning and executing marketing awareness activities in Asia Pacific for an international technology standards body, The MFA Forum, where she served as Regional Manager.

In this capacity, she organized many international conferences, not only in Japan but also in China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and India, soliciting speakers, providing operational management, event marketing, and publicity through trade and local media.

Michiko is also a CPA certification holder and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. She is a member of Information Systems Audit & Control Association. Michiko holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature from Tsuru University.

Vision Bridge

Vision Bridge, LLC is the first Japanese firm specializing in association management services. In addition to providing membership database management, mailing services and meeting, it also provides strategic marketing services and consulting thereby allowing its clients to meet their goals. Its diverse services and industry expertise allows it to meet the expectations and requirements of clients throughout its global network in the US and Europe.

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