Marty Lafferty

Marty is an accomplished new media industry leader with a track record of successful multi-business collaboration and excellence in pioneering the creation and distribution of content via new technologies. During his career, he has served in senior positions for some of the world’s most innovative entertainment and technology companies.

Marty joined DCIA from Lafferty Media Partners LLC (LMP), where he served as Managing Partner. Prior to LMP, he was CEO of Zoom Culture, which he transformed from a year-old dotcom into a thriving digital television and new media firm in 24 months, working with partners including NBC and PAX TV. He also led Zoom’s software development team and partnered with Apple engineers to serve as the first Beta client for Scale 8’s advanced global storage network and edge content distribution system.

Previously, as Microsoft TV VP of Corporate & Service Marketing, he supported the strategic refocus of Microsoft’s WebTV acquisition from a purely B2C niche subscription offering to a B2B application suite for multichannel service distributors and their set-top suppliers, in addition to introductory plans for the Xbox game console.

As President of FutureVision, Marty supervised the redesign and roll-out of the industry’s first true switched-digital-network service offering including all FV television programming and the company’s acquisition by Verizon.

Marty was also CEO of NBC’s Olympics joint venture, where he executive-produced the first multi-channel coverage of the Summer Olympic Games, led multiple vendors to develop alternative security solutions for a satellite-delivered mini-subscription service, as well as oversaw cable and broadcast affiliate marketing. Prior to that, as GE Americom VP of Cable Services, he contributed to GE Astro’s new fleet development and deployment, generating $445 million in sales to television programmers in 18 months.

Finally, as VP of TDBS, Marty led Turner Broadcasting’s internal and GI engineering teams to develop and deploy the industry’s first signal-scrambling security technology for basic programming services and led Turner Broadcasting’s reformatting of CNN-2 as Headline News, development and launch of TNT, as well as its entry into DTH satellite television.

He has received recognition from, and held leadership positions in, numerous industry organizations throughout his career. Most recently, Marty was named International Trade CEO of the Year in the Global CEO Excellence Awards for 2017. Previously he received an award from the Council for Entrepreneurial Development Award as a top-fifty new company.

Marty served as Membership Chairman of the Interactive Services Association, and as Chairman of the International Digital Satellite Television Symposium. He also co-founded the Satellite Broadcasting Communications Association and served as its first Vice Chairman.

Marty holds a Master’s degree from Yale University and Bachelors with honors from Williams College. He has received the NCTA’s President’s Award and a CTAM TAMI Award for industry service.

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