Laura Tunberg

Laura brings her legal and strategic business background in advocacy, public policy, intellectual property (IP), technology, content protection, digital distribution, and litigation including her years in business development in the entertainment industry and as Vice President of Intellectual Property Enforcement and Content Protection at MGM Studios.

Her experience has helped to provide Laura with a unique combination of broad based skills and talent to enhance and meet the challenging, changing needs in the workplace. She offers unparalleled domestic and international contacts and experience in media, digital content, IP, law and law enforcement, politics, and education and issue management.

Laura and her partner at We Get It Consulting, Janet Janjigian, have managed strategic business alliances, complex litigation, comprehensive crisis management and media relations (including MGM Studios’ three major M&A transactions in 18 months) and content campaigns including, a nationwide copyright awareness campaign, major legislation for copyright protection (ART ACT) and the landmark Supreme Court case, MGM v. Grokster, and the task force on digitizing the vast 4,000 title library at MGM Studios.

Laura has a BA in Drama Education with a minor in English Literature from San Francisco State University and a JD from Santa Barbara College of Law.

We Get It Consulting

We Get It Consulting offers services in the areas of digital business strategies, business development, IP protection strategies, litigation strategy (communications/counsel supervision), legislation creation and implementation, crisis communications counseling and strategy, issues management and public affairs, media relations, message development, strategies for online communications, content acquisition and creation, corporate and individual access, advocacy / coalition building, and media training.

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