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Victory in California! Governor Brown Signs CalECPA

Excerpted from EFF Blog by Dave Maass

Californians can rest assured that law enforcement can’t poke around in their digital records without first obtaining a warrant. Today, Governor Jerry Brown has signed SB 178, the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA).

After months of pressure from public interest groups, media organizations, privacy advocates, tech companies, and thousands of members of the public, California’s elected leaders have updated the state’s privacy laws so that they are in line with how people actually use technology today.

CalECPA protects Californians by requiring a warrant for digital records, including emails and texts, as well as a user’s geographical location.

These protections apply not only to your devices, but to online services that store your data. Only two other states have so far offered these protections: Maine and Utah.

Here’s what the bill’s authors had to say about the victory:

Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco): “For too long, California’s digital privacy laws have been stuck in the Dark Ages, leaving our personal emails, text messages, photos and smartphones increasingly vulnerable to warrantless searches… Read More

Trans-Pacific Partnership Is Reached — Faces Scrutiny in Congress

Excerpted from NY Times Report by Jackie Calmes

The United States, Japan, and 10 other Pacific Rim nations on Monday reached final agreement on the largest regional trade accord in history, teeing up what could be the toughest fight President Obama will face in his final year in office: securing approval from Congress.

The conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, after years of negotiations and a series of sleepless nights here, was merely “an important first step,” conceded Michael B. Froman, the United States trade representative, as he and other weary officials announced their accord.

Now the deal faces months of scrutiny in Congress, where some bipartisan opposition was immediate.

That debate will unfurl against the backdrop of a presidential campaign in which populist anti-trade talk against the deal is already prominent.

Still, for Mr. Obama the accord could be a legacy-making achievement, drawing together countries representing two-fifths of the global economy, from Canada and Chile to Japan and Australia, into a web of common rules governing trans-Pacific commerce. It is the capstone both of his economic agenda to expand exports and of his foreign policy rebalance… Read More

Verizon Likes TPP Trade Accord, Google So Far Mum

Excerpted from Investor’s Business Daily Report by Reinhardt Krause

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal marks the first of its kind in the cloud computing era and may have upside for Internet and telecom service providers by not requiring that companies build local data centers as a condition for operating in that country.

The biggest disagreements in the 12-nation accord, hammered out in five years of negotiation, involved medicine patent rules and tariffs over autos and dairy.

The pact also covers intellectual property and bans digital tariffs on electronic transmissions.

Verizon Communications, which provides cloud computing service, praised the TPP pact in a policy blog on Monday.

“No trade route is more important to the global economy, businesses and consumers than the digital trade route,” said Peter Davidson, a Verizon senior VP, in the blog. “We welcome the report of a commitment to ensure the free flow of data and no requirement that companies build data centers to store data locally.”

Google has not yet weighed in on the TPP in a blog… Read More

Report from DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty

Click Here for Video

The DCIA is pleased to expand our partnership with Informa Telecoms & Media to include the Cloud and DevOps World Forum 2016.

Informa Telecoms & Media is the leading provider of events, research, and training for the global telecommunications and media industries.

Now in its eighth consecutive year, Cloud and DevOps World Forum is firmly established as the leading content-led exhibition for the European Cloud and DevOps community and the premiere meeting place for CIOs.

Taking place at Olympia, London on June 21st and 22nd, the event will once again bring together thousands of senior-level decision makers for two days of innovation, networking, discussion, and learning.

If you are interested in showcasing your products and services to the movers and shakers of the European Cloud and DevOps community, please click here to contact us about the sponsorship and exhibition packages available.

With an eight-year proven track record, Cloud and DevOps World Forum has solidified its place as Europe’s leading venue for making connections and bringing the IT community together to accelerate cloud migration in today’s digital enterprise and public sectors.

The 2016 conference, co-located with Enterprise Apps World, has been developed by an event team including an advisory board of high-profile industry players.

Cloud and DevOps World Forum 2016 will offer eighteen Content Theatres with more than 120 new presentations from IT end-users.

Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Analytics, DevOps, Containerization, and Cybersecurity Zones will be featured.

The 2016 VIP Experience will include The Village, Executive Summit, and Introductions Services.

There will be a Start-up and Small-to-Midsize Enterprise (SME) Exhibition & Content Zone; as well as a Hackathon.

CompTIA will host a Channel Partner Zone; and there will be numerous Live Demos.

Plan now to participate in Cloud and DevOps World Forum 2016. Share wisely, and take care.

NetApp Praises Customers at 2015 Innovation Awards

Excerpted from ARN Report by Holly Morgan

The annual NetApp Innovation Awards recognize customers that leverage the storage and data management company’s technology to make IT productive and essential to business. Citrix won the Go Beyond category after deploying NetApp all-flash arrays into its software development process.

Nexon Asia Pacific was named as Pioneer for the Agile Business Cloud (ABC), powered by NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP.

CoreLogic RP Data was recognized for Visionary Leadership as it deployed NetApp flash technology that the company said enabled the acceleration of product offerings to financial institutions.

The Innovator of the Year award recognizes an honoree from each of three of global geographies.

eBay was recognized as part of the Americas for its deployment of NetApp all-flash systems.

ING Direct was honored as part of Asia Pacific (APAC).

According to NetApp, the company reduced time to market by 50 per cent due to its deployment of FlexPod technology that NetApp said streaming the dev/test-to-production environment… Read More

Cloudera Bolsters Hadoop Security with New Policy Management

Excerpted from the VAR Guy Report by Elizabeth Montalbano

Cloudera continues to add to its portfolio of offerings to secure the Apache Hadoop enterprise data management platform.

Its latest release is a new security layer called RecordService that centrally enforces role-based access control policies across Hadoop and acts as a complementary technology to existing policy control, the company said.

RecordService works alongside Apache Sentry, which already provides unified policy definition for Hadoop. Sentry is currently in incubation with the Apache Foundation.

RecordService is key to Cloudera’s plan to expand Hadoop for the enterprise, the company said.

While Sentry addresses policy definition by applying consistent policies across different access paths to data stores, its function is limited as the Hadoop ecosystem has expanded to include different access engines such as Apache Spark, Impala and Apache Solr, according to Cloudera.

Using Sentry alone has made it challenging to enforce its policies without limiting access to the data itself, the company said.

One example of this can be found in the differences in control levels that different engines support… Read More

Verimatrix MultiRights Earns High Score from BTR

Excerpted from MarketWatch Press Announcement

Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-network, multi-screen digital TV services around the globe, today announced that its Verimatrix MultiRights over-the-top (OTT) solution received high honors, with a rating of 4.0 from the Broadband Technology Report (BTR) Diamond Technology Reviews panel of judges.

MultiRights solves multi-DRM challenges by providing harmonized rights management across networks and devices for OTT video delivery.

The Diamond Technology Reviews is a renowned industry program, now in its tenth year, which was developed to recognize some of the top products and solutions available to the cable industry as determined by a stellar panel of cable telecommunications engineering experts.

Engineering executives from Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, Suddenlink Communications, Comcast, Charter, and Cox, and several expert consultants, were among the third-party judges for the 2015 Diamonds.

“As always, the Diamond Reviews presented the opportunity to showcase new and innovative products,” said Tom Gorman, program director, BTR. “Judges thought highly of Verimatrix MultiRights, realizing the importance of DRM in a multi-screen world… Read More

Amazon and Rackspace Teaming Up in the Cloud?

Excerpted from Zacks Equity Research Report

If rumors are to be believed — a collaboration is going to come out in the open at Amazon’s huge tech conference for its cloud computing business next week in Las Vegas, NV.

And this revelation will shock the cloud computing industry.

The couple in question? Amazon and Rackspace.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon will partner with Rackspace to help enterprise customers move their tech into Amazon’s cloud.

Two years back, the two companies were such fierce competitors that a team up would have been unthinkable.

However, things changed in early 2014.

Rackspace was countering declining margins in the midst of a cloud-computing price war and thus it stepped back from a neck-to-neck competition with Amazon.

Instead, it started focusing on offering higher quality and higher-margin cloud computing services with brilliant customer service… Read More

China Motor Uses Cloud Computing for Multinational Operations

Excerpted from Networks Asia Report

China Motor is employing SmartCLOUD, taking advantage of the platform’s dense network and ubiquitous bandwidth in the Greater China Region.

The firm has incorporated its ERP system into 40 branch offices in Greater China, establishing a foundation to develop the new market, while enhancing management efficiency and reducing HR costs.

China Motor was established in 1969 and began technology exchanges with Mitsubishi Motors in 1970 to produce a variety of car and motorcycle parts.

Upholding its principles of harmony, innovation, excellence, and HIT, China Motor continues to pursue innovation as it produces high quality vehicles and vehicle components.

In 2006, China Motor gradually began expanding overseas.

It established Southeast Motor Corp (Soueast) in China under a joint venture and exports finished vehicles and automobile parts.

With its base in Taiwan, it searches the world for business opportunities… Read More

IBM Agrees to Buy Cleversafe to Help with Cloud Computing

Excerpted from Chicago Business Journal Report

Cleversafe, a Chicago-based cloud-storage firm, has agreed to sell itself to IBM, which plans to fold the company into its own cloud business.

In a release announcing the deal, and which did not share financial details, IBM noted that privately-held Cleversafe possesses “more than 350 patents in object-based, on-premise storage solutions.”

The release quoted Robert LeBlanc, a Senior Vice President for IBM Cloud, saying that the acquisition will help by “extending and strengthening our cloud storage strategy, as well as our portfolio.”

Once the deal closes, IBM will integrate the Cleversafe portfolio into its IBM Cloud business unit to give clients strategic data flexibility, simplified management, and consistency with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud deployment options.

As companies race to digitally transform their businesses they are faced with several unique challenges, including the rapid growth of unstructured data (images, audio, and video) and finding the proper balance between on-premise and cloud storage deployments.

IDC estimates that 80 percent of new cloud applications are predicted to be big-data intensive… Read More

Fusion Acquires RootAxcess to Expand Cloud Computing

Excerpted from The WHIR Report by Nicole Henderson

Cloud services provider Fusion has acquired the assets of Chicago-based RootAxcess, a provider of IaaS, cloud storage, backup and recovery, and other cloud solutions as part of its near-term objective of growth through acquisitions.

RootAxcess is expected to be fully integrated into Fusion by the end of Q1 2016.

According to the Monday announcement, the acquisition will help accelerate Fusion’s expansion in the cloud computing segment of its business, and strengthen its presence in the IaaS market specifically.

A recent report by Synergy Research Group found that public cloud now generates more than $20 billion in quarterly revenue for IT companies.

RootAxcess will bring a customer base to Fusion with average monthly revenue per customer of over $2,900, contributing a high-margin revenue stream of approximately $1 million annually. Fusion acquired the customer base, technology platform and infrastructure as well as other assets of RootAxcess.

Fusion offers cloud communications, cloud connectivity, and cloud services to small, medium and large businesses. It is based in New York and trades under the ticker FSNN… Read More

The Ethics of Big Data

Excerpted from Tech.Co Report by Alex Esponson

Big Data generally refers to information that is either unstructured or multi-structured.

Unstructured is information that is not easily interpreted or organized and it has to be micro-analyzed in order to turn that data into value for businesses and government.

It can refer to content heavy websites and databases as well as metadata.

Multi-structured data can be derived from individual interactions between people across a diverse range of websites and handles such as social media, chats, comments on websites, direct human interaction with the Internet and smart city data statistics.

The multi-structured avenues continue to expand and evolve as Internet technologies emerge and adapt keeping up with the current and foreseeable economy.

Cloud computing lets you use applications and files from a network of remote servers that are hosted on the Internet.

It lets you store, process, and manage your data and files rather than using a personal computer or local server… Read More

Seven in Ten US Internet Users Watch OTT Video

Excerpted from eMarketer Report

This year, 181.0 million people in the US will watch video via an app or website that provides streaming content over the internet and bypasses traditional distribution, according to eMarketer’s first-ever forecast of over-the-top (OTT) video viewership.

The forecast includes viewers of services like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, and estimates that at this point, the population is already growing slowly.

Nearly nine in 10 digital video viewers in the US already watch video content this way.

That’s largely because one provider of OTT video services is YouTube, which is already used by virtually all OTT video viewers.

The YouTube audience will reach 170.7 million monthly video viewers this year, eMarketer estimates, or 94.3% of OTT video service users.

Other services have lower penetration and much faster growth.

Netflix, for example, will grow its US audience by more than 20% this year to 114.3 million, or 63.2% of OTT viewers… Read More

AT&T and IBM Mobile Cloud Security Set to Scale Work Anywhere

Excerpted from Security Intelligence Report by Rob Patey

IBM is set to join the stage at this year’s 17th Annual AT&T Cybersecurity Conference in New York City, where it will announce the AT&T and IBM mobile cloud security solution.

It’s a simplistic concept in name, but it tethers a vastly complex array of domains across devices, apps, networks and cloud computing to tackle the current business boundaries around insecure data.

In this burgeoning mobile economy, CIOs face enormous demand from their businesses to deliver a diverse range of apps that connect with customers and employees across any device.

This fundamentally changes the security, management, and networking capabilities needed to deliver more user and app-centric business mobility.

With the Mobile Cloud Security framework, enterprises now gain a simple, secure and scalable environment to enable their growing mobile workforce.

This framework starts with IBM MobileFirst Protect, which provides an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution to help organizations secure their mobile devices, apps and content across the wide range of use cases… Read More

Cloud Computing Finally Gets Some Start-Ups

Excerpted from Bloomberg Businessweek Report by Jack Clark

For years, getting into the business of renting out extra computing power through the cloud has been a bit like getting into the business of nuclear power.

First, you have to spend a few hundred million dollars on ginormous hardware and the pricey software to run it.

Next, you have to hire a team of Ph.D.s to make sure the equipment always runs pretty much perfectly, because one screw-up means a customer — probably a big corporate IT department — leaves forever.

That formula is changing as cloud start-ups such as DigitalOcean and Backblaze begin to compete for customers with the likes of Amazon.com, Microsoft, and Google.

The start-ups have managed to underbid the giants in certain markets by keeping expenses relatively low, either by writing their own versions of the software needed to run a cloud or by handcrafting the hardware needed to house one.

“All the tools we’re using really pay dividends,” says DigitalOcean Chief Executive Officer Ben Uretsky. “I think that gives us a leg up.”

Uretsky’s New York-based company sells its cloud services predominantly to software developers… Read More

The Cloud to Replace Traditional IT in a Decade?

Excerpted from Enterprise Innovation Report by Carol Ko

A heated argument over the likelihood of cloud dominance in the local enterprise space in the next 10 years took place at Computerworld Hong Kong’s Cloud Tech Forum 2015 in July.

At its 6th consecutive year, the event invited CIOs from China CITIC Bank and Ageas, as well as a research analyst, lawyer, an independent consultant together with a cloud provider to debate under the motion of “Cloud infrastructure will replace traditional IT infrastructure within a decade.”

Opening the debate was Jerry Wertelecky, founder and CEO of Cloud Transformation & Security Solutions from the affirmative side. Having spent most of his time advising CFOs and CIOs from MNCs on cloud strategies and security solutions, he held high hopes that companies would one day transition fully to the cloud.

“With cloud computing, there are too many dynamics in place,” he suggested. Agility and speed to market are the two more important dynamics of cloud, which could solve some of the biggest challenges that MNCs are facing today, like month-long server provisioning.

“Contrary to common belief about the concern of security in cloud computing,” Wertelecky suggested… Read More

Coming Events of Interest

Digital Hollywood Fall — October 19th-22nd in Marina Del Rey, CA. The future of the entertainment industry. Digital Hollywood debuted in 1990 and has from its start been among the leading trade conferences in its field.

2015 US Cyber Crime Conference — November 14th-20th in National Harbor, MD. This is the only event of its kind that provides both hands-on digital forensics training and an interactive forum for cyber professionals to network.

Cloud Asia Forum — November 24th-25th in Hong Kong. Now in its sixth year, this major highlight of the Cloud World Series sponsored by Informa Telecoms & Media is the most comprehensive cloud computing event in Asia.

Government Video Expo — December 1st-3rd in Washington, DC. Sponsored by NewBay Media, GVE 2015 will be the East Coast’s largest technology event designed for video, broadcast, and audio-video professionals.

Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF) — December 6th-8th in Dubai. IoTWF is an exclusive event that brings together the best and brightest thinkers, practitioners, and innovators from business, government, and academia to accelerate the market adoption of the Internet of Things.

CES — January 6th-9th in Las Vegas, NV. The world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. CES has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years.

ADRM Working Group Meeting — January 28th via Global Videoconference. Contact the DCIA for information about joining the group and attending the meeting that will focus on interoperability among DRM platforms and simplifying DRM implementation.

Cloud and DevOps World Forum 2016 — June 21st-22nd in London, England. Now in its eighth year, C&DWF is firmly established as the leading content-led exhibition for the European Cloud and DevOps community and the premiere meeting place for CIOs.

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