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Register Now to Participate in NYME Webcast

Excerpted from DMW Media Alert

From October 6th through 9th, The New York Media Festival (NYME) will bring together 5,000 attendees including 1,500 senior digital, games, music, television, advertising and video leaders, brands, investors, and start-ups.

For agenda and registration details, please click here.

Throughout the event, the official NYME Video Studio will be operated in partnership with the DCIA.

The on-site studio will produce professional video segments from NYME including hosted on-camera studio interviews, studio solo presentations, as well as exhibit booth interviews and solo presentations.

To book segments, please click here.

For executives, the conferences will focus on networking, meetings and deal-making with two tracks, fireside chats, debates, panels, demos and presentations on digital content creation, distribution, marketing, investment, and monetization.

Outside of the sessions, NYME provides meeting areas for power networking, receptions, after-parties and the NYME Tech-Media Crawl… Read More

Group Formed to Protect Content in Digital World

Excerpted from Broadcasting & Cable Report by Jon Lafayette

A group of top TV companies have joined an advocacy group to maintain the value of their content as the advertising world becomes more digital and programmatic.

Organized by ad-tech firm FreeWheel, the Council for Premium Video (CPV) already includes ABC, A+E Networks, Comcast, Discovery Communications, ESPN, Fox, NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting, and Univision Communications.

Advertisers and media buyers are increasingly interested in analyzing data about viewers and using automated systems to purchase commercials during linear and on-demand programming — a situation that might not always take the quality of the shows into account.

In other media, particularly website banner advertising, programmatic buying has contributed to sharp declines in ad prices.

“Everyone in this premium video ecosystem is concerned that the standards and the practices that are being created are not for a premium video world, they’re for the digital world,” says Doug Knopper, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of FreeWheel.

Their risk of being pulled toward different ways of doing business that aren’t in their best interest is dramatic… Read More

US Investors Most Bullish about Cloud, Mobile, IoT

Excerpted from GeekWire Report by Tricia Durvee

In an annual survey of global venture capitalists, investors disclosed what they are most excited about — and what keeps them up at night.

When it comes to investment sectors, US investors were most confident about cloud computing followed by mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The annual survey, conducted by Deloitte and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), polled VCs around the world to get their thoughts on global investing trends, fundraising, IPOs, and government policy.

It polled 200 investors between May and June across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Confidence levels are measured on a scale of 1 to 5, with anything over a 4 considered very positive, and anything between 2.5 and 3.5 being neutral.

The survey asked investors how they felt about particular markets.

Here’s how the top five metro areas rank: Silicon Valley (4.28), New York (3.86), Boston (3.77), Los Angeles (3.43), and Chicago (3.22)… Read More

Report from DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty

Click Here for Video

The DCIA is pleased to announce an expansion of our partnership with NewBay Media to include Government Video Expo 2015.

NewBay Media connects and informs millions of constituents in the world’s most dynamic industries through its award-winning content, integrated media capabilities, and high-profile network-building informative events.

NewBay’s brands include Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News, TV Technology, Music Week — more than 60 print and digital publications in all, and over 100 integrated web and mobile applications, conferences and conventions, custom marketing services, and e-commerce capabilities.

Government Video Expo is the East Coast’s largest technology event designed for video, broadcast, and audio-video professionals, featuring a full exhibit floor, numerous training options, free seminars, keynotes, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and the Briefing Zone, a new educational series of panel discussions.

Held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC, this three-day educational event takes place on December 1st through 3rd, and includes multiple concurrent sessions.

Attendees can learn about cutting-edge video technologies and techniques at the DC Post|Production Conference; distance learning and education technology at the full-day seminar on Video Supporting Distance Learning in the Federal Government; and drone operation and production at the new National Drone Show.

Featuring conference programs designed to teach, enlighten and inspire, Government Video Expo encourages attendees to get hands-on with the latest video gear in an exhibit hall featuring more than 175 suppliers, dealers, and distributors.

If you shoot, edit, post, store, or distribute video, or use AV solutions, please put the Government Video Expo on your calendar. Share wisely, and take care.

Scoring Big with Cloud DVR

Excerpted from Light Reading Report by Alan Breznick

If you think that cloud DVR service can’t make much of an impact on the pay-TV landscape, then take a good look at Spain.

Over the past 21 months, Telefonica has climbed to the top of the charts in the Spanish pay-TV market, thanks at least in some measure to its roll-out of network DVR service.

In fact, the telco IPTV operator now boasts more than 2 million video customers in its home country, having nearly tripled its video subscriber total since launching its new cloud-based service in December.

That puts Telefonica ahead of its four closest pay-TV rivals in Spain, which include the nation’s biggest cable operator, ONO, Digital+, Orange Spain, and GoTV.

Besides attracting new customers to its IPTV platform, Telefonica has also generated great enthusiasm among its subscribers with its cloud DVR offering, as detailed in a new white paper produced by Heavy Reading and sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent.

In February, the latest month for which figures are available, the IPTV operator reported that its number of cloud DVR users had actually quadrupled over the previous four months… Read More

Amazon Warns FCC about OTT Redefinition

Excerpted from Broadcasting & Cable Report by John Eggerton

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler proposed reclassifying some linear over-the-top (OTT) video providers as multi-channel video programming distributors (MVPDs) to help boost them as a competitor for traditional cable, but OTT provider Amazon is advising it not to.

In meetings with FCC Republican Commissioners and their staffs earlier this month, Amazon execs and their counsel argued that the OTT marketplace is already “vibrant and growing” without the FCC stepping in.

Wheeler’s proposal is to require that linear online video distributors (OVDs) be given access to cable-affiliated programming and local TV station broadcasts regardless of whether or not they have facilities-based distribution platforms.

Beyond that, it tees up lots of questions about how to apply that definition and the ramifications of doing so.

The idea is to help promote online video as a competitor to traditional cable and satellite providers, which the FCC says should produce more choices for programming, by making the MVPD definition technology neutral.

“Video is no longer tied to a certain transmission technology, so our interpretation of MVPD should not be tied to transmission facilities,” Wheeler said at the time of the December 2014 vote to launch the rulemaking… Read More

Public Cloud Generates More than $20 Billion Quarterly

Excerpted from CloudTech Report by James Bourne

A note released by Synergy Research shows the public cloud continues to make significant inroads into the overall IT market, generating over $20 billion in quarterly revenues for IT firms.

According to the research, public cloud operators provide $10 billion in quarterly revenues for key technology and IT supplies, while generating $12 billion themselves in revenues from infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).

Synergy classifies the leading vendors into two main categories.

On the supply side, the leaders are HP, Cisco, Dell, IBM, and Equinix, while for cloud services the market leaders are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, and IBM.

These separate categories have been tracked by the research firm for several years.

Digging down into the revenue generators, hardware and software used to build cloud infrastructure contributes $7 billion of spend, at a 26% year-on-year growth.

Meanwhile, colocation and data center lease contributes $2.8 billion at 9% growth… Read More

Cloud & Data Center Consolidation Save Feds $3.6 Billion

Excerpted from Computerworld Report by Patrick Thibodeau

A five-year-old effort by the US government to cut IT costs through data center consolidations, cloud computing, and other technology changes may be paying off, according to a report Tuesday by a government watchdog agency.

In 2010, the federal government embarked on a plan to cut IT spending by consolidating data centers, moving to cloud computing and sharing more services among agencies.

The government budgets about $80 billion annually on IT.

Over the past four years, these efforts have saved the US about $3.6 billion in IT costs, either in direct reductions or by avoiding new costs, said the Government Accountability Office (GAO) in a new report.

The government achieved some of the reductions through a “cut and reinvest” strategy that requires agencies to propose 10% IT reductions, and then pitch reinvestments of those savings in IT projects that result in considerably higher savings.

There were 26 agencies involved.

The federal agencies with the biggest cost savings were also the largest: The Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security… Read More

Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect Available to Partners

Excerpted from Channel Partners Report by Ellen Muraskin

When I first met Janet Schijns, Chief Marketing Technologist for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, at the Women in the Channel event just before Cloud Partners, she was in sisterly cheerleading mode.

Wednesday was just a little different.

She showed no less enthusiasm, but this time was meeting to talk business; specifically, the partner availability of Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect ramp to cloud services.

The service is aimed at getting customers over their “Fear of Cloud;” specifically what hit migration might take on their application performance and security.

It’s also for those companies, like most, accessing more than one cloud service and needing one view into, and control over, bandwidth consumption.

Verizon’s answer is its private IP network, through which workloads can run to Verizon’s own cloud services, or Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Equinix data centers, Coresite, Salesforce.com, HP Helion Managed Cloud Service, and more to follow. It’s also the solution that gives the channel something digitally relevant and current, says Schijns… Read More

Tencent to Pump $1.57 Billion into Cloud Computing

Excerpted from e27 Report by TechNode

Tencent has revealed it will invest $1.57 billion over the next five years to boost a multi-national cloud computing operation across the US, Hong Kong, and China.

The online social and gaming giant is looking to boost its presence in the cloud computing field as other Internet giants — Alibaba and Baidu — are also expanding.

Tencent entered a memorandum of understanding with IBM in November last year to extend its presence in corporate cloud computing.

Alibaba’s cloud computing department, Aliyun, has also aggressively expanded its operation outside of China.

In March, it launched its first US-based data center in Silicon Valley.

Last month, it launched a strategic center in Singapore.

At the time, Ethan Yu, VP of Aliyun told CNBC that the company is looking to make the Singapore center the biggest outside of China. In December last year, one of China’s oldest software companies, Kingsoft, announced a $1 billion investment… Read More

The Cloud Is Effective Way to Deliver IT to Customers

Excerpted from Economic Times Report by TV Mahalingam

It’s literally a homecoming for George Kurian, the newly minted CEO of US based computer storage and data management company NetApp.

In his first overseas visit as CEO, Kurian touched down to Bangalore, a city he grew up in, after a whirlwind tour of Australia.

In an exclusive interview with Corporate Dossier, Kurian spoke about his plans for NetApp, opportunities in India and the large trends changing the storage industry:

Q: You chose to visit Australia and Bangalore in your first overseas trip as CEO. Is this a homecoming of sorts?

A: The Asia Pacific region has been of great interest for me because it represents the largest part of the world’s population and several of the most dynamic economies of the world.

The Asian economies are leapfrogging generations of technology and taking on new capabilities faster than some of the Western countries.

Our customers are going through an unparalleled digital transformation of their businesses… Read More

Small Businesses Double Profits by Switching to Cloud Computing

Excerpted from Business.com Report by Rick Delgado

Are you a cloud supporter or a cloud skeptic? That’s the divide many businesses are facing as cloud computing continues to gain in popularity.

While cloud supporters maintain that it can provide numerous benefits for companies, cloud skeptics say it presents too many issues surrounding security and data ownership.

These issues are of particular concern for small businesses since they usually operate with limited budgets and resources. But what do real world results say about the effectiveness of using the cloud?

Luckily, a new study has recently been released detailing how small businesses are using the cloud with great success.

It shows that those who remain skeptical of the cloud might be missing out on some golden opportunities to expand their businesses and earn a lot more money.

The study, which was conducted by Exact, a software company, and Pb7 Research, found some surprising things.

Small businesses that adopted the cloud actually doubled their profits, while at the same time seeing 25 percent additional revenue growth… Read More

Why the Hybrid Cloud Is Imperative for Business

Excerpted from Thoughts on Cloud Report by Judith Hurwitz

As the old saying goes, “Adapt or die.”

Businesses are often learning the hard way that if they don’t transform the way they interact with customers they risk losing to companies that move faster.

These innovative companies know how to change their business models with new business realities.

It is not a coincidence that these disruptive companies are adopting a hybrid cloud model of computing.

There are two questions that I’m often asked about the hybrid cloud: How is the hybrid cloud different than either a public or private cloud service; and how does a hybrid cloud make a business more competitive?

To answer both questions, let’s start with a definition.

A hybrid cloud is an environment that integrates traditional IT services with a combination of public, private and managed cloud services.

How is the hybrid cloud different? Unlike a public cloud or a single private cloud service, a hybrid cloud is based on combining services… Read More

How Cloud Computing Will Enhance Intuitive Human Design

Excerpted from Sourceable Report by Marc Howe

According to Philip Bernstein, VP Strategic Industry Relations, Autodesk, enhanced access to staggering amounts of computational power will result in profound changes to the design and development of built assets around the world.

“We’re going to see some fundamental changes in the way that assets are built, designed, and operated, and chief among them is what I call ‘anecdotal predictiveness,'” he said.

Bernstein believes the vast amounts of computational power accessible at low cost via the cloud means that certain decisions that were once made by experts based on years of experience and fine-honed pattern recognition could soon be automated.

“We now have access to infinite computing and infinite storage thanks to the cloud,” he said.

“You want a million CPU cycles from Amazon, just get out your credit card — we can do it on my laptop right now.”

“CPU cycles are no longer a precious resource and storage is practically free.”

The example of a comparatively simple infrastructure asset such as a highway can be highly instructive for understanding… Read More

Transforming Your Enterprise through Containerization

Excerpted from Red Hat Webinar Summary

Containerization is undergoing a rapid evolution that provides businesses a way to separate applications from operating systems in much the same way virtualization removed the dependency for dedicated hardware.

And like virtualization changed the way infrastructure operated, containerization is changing the way enterprises deploy applications.

Red Hat is at the forefront of modern containerization.

Docker, Kubernetes, and Atomic — these are all relatively new technologies, but they are already changing DevOps, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and continuous integration in a big way.

Join this webinar to learn how containerization with Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise 3 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host can transform your organization.

Agenda topics include comparing containers to virtual machines (VMs), inside a Docker image, overview of Kubernetes, Kubernetes pods/services, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host versus Standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, OSE 3.0, what’s new in OpenShift, additions/differences from Kubernetes, source to image builds, and continuous integration… Read More

Our Inboxes, Ourselves

Excerpted from Slate Report by Mike Godwin

An ancient email privacy law might finally be updated. Congress needs to get it right.

A federal law protects some of your email from government snooping without a warrant.

But it doesn’t protect your email if it’s been left on a server for too long, and, worse, it doesn’t protect your metadata — information that can get you arrested and prosecuted, that can reveal intimate secrets about you, and that would expose the entire network of people you talk to.

On Wednesday the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to address the first problem, but reform efforts in both houses of Congress have largely passed over the second issue.

In dodging the problem of metadata, legislators have missed the forest for the twigs.

The lawmakers who want to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986 mean well, and it’s significant that they recognize how that in 2015, email stored long-term on a server is just as deserving of Fourth Amendment protections as letters locked away for years in a drawer.

But the scope of what government will still be able to glean from our mail without a warrant is far broader nowadays than it ever was in the pre-Internet era… Read More

Coming Events of Interest

The Internet of Things (IoT) Show — September 2nd-23rd in Singapore. The IoT Show will facilitate new collaborations and partnerships as well as generate new ideas and thinking. The IoT Show is about getting the prototypes out of the lab and into the market.

New York Media Festival — October 6th-9th in New York, NY. NYME brings together 5,000 expected attendees including 1,500 senior digital, games, music, television, advertising and video leaders, brands, investors and start-ups. Networking, meetings and deal-making.

Digital Hollywood Fall — October 19th-22nd in Marina Del Rey, CA. The future of the entertainment industry. Digital Hollywood debuted in 1990 and has from its start been among the leading trade conferences in its field.

2015 US Cyber Crime Conference — November 14th-20th in National Harbor, MD. This is the only event of its kind that provides both hands-on digital forensics training and an interactive forum for cyber professionals to network.

Cloud Asia Forum — November 24th-25th in Hong Kong. Now in its sixth year, this major highlight of the Cloud World Series sponsored by Informa Telecoms & Media is the most comprehensive cloud computing event in Asia.

Government Video Expo — December 1st-3rd in Washington, DC. Sponsored by Newbay Media, GVE 2015 will be the East Coast’s largest technology event designed for video, broadcast, and audio-video professionals.

Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF) — December 6th-8th in Dubai. IoTWF is an exclusive event that brings together the best and brightest thinkers, practitioners, and innovators from business, government, and academia to accelerate the market adoption of the Internet of Things.

CES — January 6th-9th in Las Vegas, NV. The world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. CES has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years.

ADRM Working Group Meeting — January 28th via Global Videoconference. Contact the DCIA for information about joining the group and attending the meeting that will focus on interoperability among DRM platforms and simplifying DRM implementation.

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