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NYME Fest Less Than a Month Away! Are You Ready?

Excerpted from DMW Media Alert

The New York Media Festival (NYME) brings together 5,000 expected attendees including 1,500 senior digital, games, music, television, advertising and video leaders, brands, investors, and start-ups.

For executives, the conferences focus on networking, meetings and deal-making with two tracks, fireside chats, debates, panels, demos and presentations on digital content creation, distribution, marketing, investment, and monetization.

For creators and start-ups, the event provides access to the leading companies in entertainment, media and technology, brands, and investors.

Outside of the sessions, NYME provides meeting areas for power networking, receptions, after-parties and the NYME Tech-Media Crawl.

The official New York Media Festival (NYME) Video Studio will take place in partnership with the DCIA.

The on-site studio will produce professional video segments from the event including hosted on-camera studio interviews, studio solo presentations, as well as exhibit booth interviews and solo presentations.

To book segments, please click here. For agenda and registration details, please click hereRead More

Telefonica Completes Proof of Concept for SDN/NFV

Excerpted from Business Wire Press Announcement

NEC Corporation, NetCracker Technology and Telefonica Business Solutions have successfully completed a Proof of Concept (PoC) based on software-defined networking and network functions virtualization (SDN/NFV) that allows Telefonica to accelerate its strategy to automate operations and provide a new agile WAN on the business market.

Telefonica, which won the award for “Operator of the Year” in the category of network virtualization, has partnered with NEC and NetCracker on this PoC, combining software-defined networking SDN and NFV to provide more dynamic services on the worldwide WAN portfolio for enterprises.

This is a big step forward as the previous PoCs were isolated elements of the solution.

As part of the PoC, NEC/NetCracker and Telefonica built an end-to-end solution for a virtualized VPN service over a virtual CPE.

The solution includes a full orchestration and self-care stack from NEC/NetCracker, integrated with Telefonica’s virtual infrastructure solution and several virtual network functions, such as virtual SSL termination gateway, virtual firewall, etc.

The orchestration solution successfully handled automated provisioning and the activation of both virtualized and traditional networks… Read More

Verizon to Deploy Cisco Software-Defined WAN

Excerpted from eWeek Report

Today’s topics include Verizon’s adoption of Cisco’s iWANSD-WAN services suite, Seagate issuing patches for vulnerabilities in its wireless hard drives, hackers now using the victim’s own software to breach networks, and Google’s announcing general availability for its pre-emptible virtual machines (VMs).

Verizon is adopting Cisco’s iWAN as the foundation of its software-defined WAN suite of services as part of the carrier’s larger initiative to bring network virtualization to its infrastructure.

The new managed service, announced September 8th, will help organizations that increasingly are using the cloud to deliver applications and services because they are dealing with a workforce that is becoming more mobile and demanding better wireless Internet access.

Seagate issued patches for vulnerabilities in its wireless hard drives and is advising users to update the embedded firmware in the drives to fix the flaws.

Although wireless hard drives provide a convenient, untethered way to back up data, Seagate says it’s still critically important to keep the firmware on the wireless drives up-to-date…Read More

Report from DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty

Click Here for Video

How can we better improve airport operations for seamless baggage and passenger flows?

What are strategies and policies needed to power smart cities of tomorrow?

How can government engage and crowdsource ideas with citizens in their smart-cities initiatives?

What are the business opportunities for Internet of Things (IoT) in the logistics and supply chain management (SCM) sectors?

This September 22nd through 23rd, at the IoT Show in Singapore, be engaged and challenge speakers and panel moderators in an interactive discussion with a roundtable of experts.

Understand how IoT is impacting the logistics and SCM landscape with Roger Lee, Director of the Singapore Institute of Materials Management (SIMM).

Learn how to transform the way passengers and baggage move with Samir Cadi, Program Manager of AirFrance.

Discover how smart technologies can improve the delivery of healthcare services with Adam Chee, Founder & Chief Advocacy Officer of BinaryHealthCare.

Identify the key strategies and policies powering smart cities of tomorrow with Eugene Toh, Policy Director for the Energy Planning and Development Division of the Energy Market Authority.

Register now and be ready to challenge IoT trends and disruptions across major industries including manufacturing, logistics, cities, governments, transport, travel, energy, and infrastructure.

The IoT Show 2015 will address the new business possibilities from the IoT and contextual technology.

It will explore new business models, facilitate new collaborations and partnerships, and generate new ideas and thinking.

The IoT Show is about getting the prototypes out of the lab and into the market.

Only at The IoT Show. Share wisely, and take care.

IoT Security Foundation Formed

Excerpted from EETimes Report by Peter Clarke

The Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) has been formed with a large list of associate members having sprung out of discussions held at the UK’s National Microelectronics Institute.

The IoTSF already has the backing of over 30 organizations including: Broadcom, Freescale, Imagination Technologies, Inside Secure, Tokyo Electron, Vodafone, uBlox, and many other companies and academic institutions.

The IoTSF will launch formally at an event in London on September 23rd. The organization has been formed to response to concerns over the security of IoT systems and how those concerns could limit an economic impact that is likely to be measured in trillions of dollars globally and be disruptive and transform society. The IoTSF will set out how it is going to address these concerns at the launch event.

The groundwork for the formation of the IoTSF was laid at an IoT Security Summit held earlier this year at Bletchley Park.

The IoTSF security can only be addressed by working internationally and with other IoT alliances and standards bodies.

John Moor, representing the IoTSF commented, “The opportunity for IoT is staggering. There are a great many possibilities for businesses in all sectors including manufacturing, transport, health, home, consumer, and public services… Read More

Personal Cloud Market to Hit $90 Billion by 2020

Excerpted from CloudTech Report by James Bourne

The global personal cloud market is expected to top almost $90 billion in revenue by 2020, according to the latest forecast by Allied Market Research.

The research firm anticipates a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.1% between 2015 and 2020, with growing customer awareness cited as boosting growth and personal cloud for individuals continuing to lead the market.

Individual users will comprise around 60% of total market revenue by 2020 according to Allied, however the small-to-midsize business (SMB) segment is expected to take nearly a quarter of revenue at a CAGR of 35% across five years.

In terms of share between cloud providers and user-hosted solutions, provider-hosted personal cloud will constitute nearly 75% of the market value by 2020; yet user-hosted cloud is expected to grow at a CAGR of 46% to make up the remaining quarter.

Key growth drivers between now and 2020 include flexible packages, affordable pricing structures, as well as increased security features.

Allied cites Dropbox’s addition of two factor authentication as part of this push… Read More

IBC 2015 Tech: MediaPower Showcases NetApp

Excerpted from TV News Check Report

MediaPower returns to the 2015 IBC Show, highlighting improvements to its products that include its AirGo production and playout system.

AirGo is a turnkey solution for multichannel broadcasting that combines automation, simultaneous SDI & IP ingest/playout, and interactive graphics overlay in a system provisioned with RAID-protected storage.

This single, compact, fully integrated multitasking box reduces the cost and effort to maintain a system that continues to scale in size and complexity, while easing the transition to IP workflows.

In addition to supporting all major codecs and wrappers, and simultaneous SDI and IP ingest/playout, it provides built-in automation and master control tools alongside an advanced graphics and branding suite (powered by ClassX) that allows broadcasters and operators better engage their audience and encourage brand recall.

NetApp and XOR Media, two of MediaPower’s premiere technology partners, will also join MediaPower at IBC.

MediaPower will showcase NetApp’s hybrid/all-flash FAS storage and XOR’s object-based cloud storage Cloud Aqua.

A live demo of NetApp FAS 2500 will also be part of MediaPower’s playout workflow at MediaPower stand 7.J42… Read More

Decoding VMware’s Mysterious Containerization Strategy

Excerpted from Tech Republic Report by Janakiram MSV

In a report titled “Forecast Analysis: Enterprise Application Software, Worldwide, 2Q15 Update,” Gartner analysts highlighted the increasing trend of application modernization among enterprises.

Gartner also predicted that by 2020, 75% of enterprise applications will follow the model of build instead of buy.

This is an indication of organizations moving towards developing cloud-native, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications instead of buying shrink-wrapped or packaged applications.

Going forward, enterprise customers will heavily invest in cloud-native platforms that will support them in developing and deploying modern, multi-tenant, elastic, and composite applications.

Sensing this opportunity, traditional infrastructure vendors such as HP, Microsoft, VMware, and Red Hat started to invest in cloud-native platforms.

The recently formed Cloud Native Computing Foundation has almost every platform company except Microsoft.

VMware and Pivotal are trying to stay relevant in the era of post-virtualization… Read More

Lufthansa Selects BuyDRM for Secure Mobile Content Delivery

Excerpted from Benzinga Press Announcement

BuyDRM, a pioneer in digital rights management (DRM) and content security services, announced today that the company has been selected by Lufthansa Industry Solutions to deliver secure video playback via Lufthansa’s mobile passenger portal, Velimo Road’n’Rail, a turnkey video solution with a DRM compliant content supply chain approved by Hollywood studios.

Lufthansa Systems has been using BuyDRM technology for years on airline fleets, including Lufthansa, Virgin Australia, El Al, and Aircalin; and now the KeyOS Device DRM License Solution also provides content access protection for Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ mobile infotainment options for Germany’s Postbus passengers.

The KeyOS Device DRM agents permit passengers to securely stream content to their personal smartphones and tablets while complying with the demanding security requirements of content providers.

The BuyDRM KeyOS Device DRM Solution was selected for its flexibility in deployment, robust security, and responsive support team.

As a licensee of content from the major studios, Lufthansa has to ensure that the highest levels of security are deployed… Read More

INSIDE Secure Unveils DRM Solutions on ARM Platform

Excerpted from RTT News Report

INSIDE Secure, a French provider of embedded security solutions for mobile and connected devices, announced Wednesday the launch of the first digital rights management (DRM) solutions on an ARM Reference Platform to meet HD/UHD content protection demands of Hollywood studios.

The company launched DRM Fusion Embedded Agent for HD/UHD for consumer electronics manufacturers and system-on-chip (SoC) makers, and DRM Fusion Downloadable Agent for HD/UHD for video service providers.

The DRM Fusion Embedded Agent for HD/UHD is generally available today.

The DRM Fusion Downloadable Agent for HD/UHD will be available in 2016.

These software development kits or SDKs are the first to support both Trusted Execution Environment and Secure Content Path hardware components on an ARM reference platform.

This would help to secure the distribution of high and ultra-high definition or HD/UHD content for over-the-top devices in a way that meets the requirements of Hollywood studios.

In addition, the DRM Fusion Downloadable Agent for HD/UHD significantly increases the security of devices… Read More

BlackBerry to Acquire Good Technology

Excerpted from Telecom TV Insights Report

BlackBerry a global leader in secure mobile communications, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Good Technology for $425 million in cash.

The acquisition of Good is aligned with BlackBerry’s strategy to offer customers the most complete, end-to-end solution that secures the entire mobile enterprise, across all platforms.

Enhanced by Good, BlackBerry will expand its ability to offer a unified, secure mobility platform with applications for any mobile device on any operating system — supported with security that has been certified by governments around the world embedded in every component of the mobility infrastructure.

Good will bring complementary capabilities and technologies to BlackBerry, including secure applications and containerization that protects end user privacy.

With Good, BlackBerry will expand its ability to offer cross-platform EMM solutions that are critical in a world with varying deployment models such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD); corporate owned, personally enabled (COPE); as well as environments with multiple user interfaces and operating systems… Read More

Microsoft Buys Israeli Cloud Security Firm for $250 Million

Excerpted from CIO Today Report by Dan Heilman

In a deal reported on earlier this summer but not confirmed until yesterday, Microsoft has purchased Tel Aviv-based cloud security firm Adallom.

Reports over the weekend put the purchase price at $250 million.

Adallom is a start-up that helps companies protect data stored in the cloud.

The companies are banking on the growing popularity of cloud services and the trend toward moving critical apps out of in-house data centers, forcing vendors to offer more advanced management tools.

Adallom will continue to sell its security tools while the two companies work to integrate Adallom’s technology into Microsoft’s cloud security suite.

The plan is to eventually have Adallom’s technology complement services available for Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility Suite, including Microsoft’s recently released Advanced Threat Analytics.

We reached out to Paul Burns, founder of IT analyst firm Neovise, who told us that Adallom will enhance security… Read More

Netskope Raises $75 Million to Address Cloud Security

Excerpted from Talkin’ Cloud Report by Mike Vizard

Fresh off raising an additional $75 million in funding from venture capitalists, Netskope, a provider of cloud accessing security broker software and services, plans to become a top-tier provide of cloud security technologies that are sold primary via the channel.

Netskope CEO Sanjay Beri said that after raising a total of $130 million, the end goal for Netskope is to become nothing less than the next “large-scale iconic security company.”

Managing cloud access, noted Beri, is expected to become a $100 billion market.

In the last year, Netskope has increased its customer base by 500 percent, resulting in a 600 percent increase in revenue.

The company also claims customers that rank among the world’s top ten healthcare, insurance, banking, retail, and manufacturing brands, as well as a range of high-tech, energy, and utility companies.

As a result, Netskope now employees 250 people worldwide.

At the core of that activity is cloud access management software, called the Netskope Active Platform… Read More

First Steps to Distributed Permanent Web with IPFS

Excerpted from Hacked Report by Giulio Prisco

According to Brewster Kahle, a programmer and Internet entrepreneur known for founding the Internet Archive, the Internet Credit Union, Alexa, and the early supercomputer company Thinking Machines, HTTP is obsolete.

It’s time for a distributed, permanent web based on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

“Today I’m making an announcement that begins our long journey to the future of the web,” says Kahle.

A web that is faster, more secure, more robust, and more permanent.

IPFS is a peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files, notes the IPFS website.

In some ways, IPFS is similar to the Web, but IPFS could be seen as a single BitTorrent swarm, exchanging objects within one Git repository.

In other words, IPFS provides a high throughput content-addressed block storage model, with content-addressed hyperlinks. This forms a generalized Merkle DAG, a data structure upon which one can build versioned file systems… Read More

Racemi Automates Server Migrations to the Cloud

Excerpted from Talkin’ Cloud Report by Mike Vizard

With the number of servers moving into the cloud accelerating rapid solution providers with cloud migration expertise are in high demand.

To help automate that process, Racemi, a provider of server migration tools, has expanded the number of data centers managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM SoftLayer that it supports.

With this latest release of its DynaCenter software Racemi is adding support for eight data centers that are part of the IBM SoftLayer cloud, which in addition to the 12 IBM SoftLayer and the ten AWS data centers it already supports, gives solution providers and their customers a total of 30 data centers to choose from around the globe.

In addition, Racemi is now adding the ability automatically select the appropriate server size on tan AWS or IBM SoftLayer cloud based on the processor and memory information in the image captured from the source server.

Finally, Racemi is now making it possible to queue migrations between source and target servers before synchronization in order to ensure file and application consistency.

James Strayer, Vice President of Product Management at Racemi, says that capability is especially useful for database servers… Read More

DoD Issues Interim Rule for Cloud Computing Services

Excerpted from National Law Review Report

Government contractors have a wide range of unique challenges, not the least of which is data security.

A good example is the interim rule the Department of Defense (DoD) issued last month that implements sections of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Years 2013 and 2015.

In short, these provisions expand the incident reporting requirements for contractors and increase the security requirements for cloud service providers.

The Secretary of Defense determined that “urgent and compelling” reasons exist to issue the interim rule without prior opportunity for public comment.

There is an urgent need to protect covered defense information and to increase awareness of the full scope of cyber-incidents being committed against defense contractors.

The use of cloud computing has greatly increased, according to the Secretary, and has increased the vulnerability of DoD information.

The recent high-profile breaches of Federal information also influenced this determination… Read More

Coming Events of Interest

Cloud Partners 2015 — September 16th-18th in Boston, MA. This Informa-hosted conference is totally focused on how the cloud can mean business for you. Learn how to enable scale, impact, and action based on cloud services.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Show — September 2nd-23rd in Singapore. The IoT Show will facilitate new collaborations and partnerships as well as generate new ideas and thinking. The IoT Show is about getting the prototypes out of the lab and into the market.

ADRM Working Group Meeting — September 24th via Global Videoconference. Contact the DCIA for information about joining the group and attending the meeting that will focus on interoperability among DRM platforms and simplifying DRM implementation.

New York Media Festival — October 6th-9th in New York, NY. NYME brings together 5,000 expected attendees including 1,500 senior digital, games, music, television, advertising and video leaders, brands, investors and start-ups. Networking, meetings and deal-making.

Digital Hollywood Fall — October 19th-22nd in Marina Del Rey, CA. The future of the entertainment industry. Digital Hollywood debuted in 1990 and has from its start been among the leading trade conferences in its field.

2015 US Cyber Crime Conference — November 14th-20th in National Harbor, MD. This is the only event of its kind that provides both hands-on digital forensics training and an interactive forum for cyber professionals to network.

Cloud Asia Forum — November 24th-25th in Hong Kong. Now in its sixth year, this major highlight of the Cloud World Series sponsored by Informa Telecoms & Media is the most comprehensive cloud computing event in Asia.

Government Video Expo — December 1st-3rd in Washington, DC. Sponsored by Newbay Media, GVE 2015 will be the East Coast’s largest technology event designed for video, broadcast, and audio-video professionals.

Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF) — December 6th-8th in Dubai. IoTWF is an exclusive event that brings together the best and brightest thinkers, practitioners, and innovators from business, government, and academia to accelerate the market adoption of the Internet of Things.

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