To become a DCIA Member Company, please contact DCIA’s Member Services leader at 410-476-7965 to obtain current information on dues. Then complete and submit the form below. To complete the application process, please mail your first dues payment with the Membership Agreement Form (PDF) to DCIA Member Services, 2838 Cox Next Road, Suite 200, Chester, MD 21619.

Dues amounts are determined by Level of Membership (e.g., Basic, Standard, Premium, or Sustainer). Dues are payable by check, money order, or electronic transfer and must accompany the Membership Application. This dues payment is not deductible as a charitable contribution. However, for most Members this fee is deductible as a business expense. Please note that up to 25 percent of Member dues will be used for lobbying expenses on behalf of the Members. Membership is for one year. Benefits vest upon DCIA’s receipt of first dues payment. Dues are reviewed annually by the Executive Committee.

Memberships are annual, commencing with first dues payment. Dues are payable in advance of the term of membership.

DCIA Membership Application