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  • Welcome - Marty Lafferty, CEO, DCIA
  • Keynote 1 - Bill Kallman, CEO, Scayl (Presentation)
  • Panel 1 – Advanced Capabilities, New Features, Cost Advantages of Cloud Computing Solutions
    • Mike Alexenko, Sr. Dir. Mkt. Dev., Cloud & Mobility, G-Technology
    • Scott Campbell, Principal, Media, Entertainment, and Telecoms, SAP
    • David Frerichs, Strategic Consultant, Pioneer Corporation
    • David Hassoun, Founder, RealEyes Media
    • Samir Mittal, CTO, Rimage
    • Michelle Munson, CEO, President, and Co-founder, Aspera
    • Robert Stevenson, EVP, Interactive Entertainment, Gaikai
    • Moderator: Marty Lafferty, CEO, DCIA
  • Keynote 2 - Jim Burger, Member, Dow Lohnes (Presentation)
  • Panel 2 – Privacy Issues, Reliability Questions, Security Concerns in the Cloud Computing Space
    • Dave Asprey, VP, Cloud Security, Trend Micro
    • Tom Mulally, Consultant, Numagic Consulting
    • Graham Oakes, Chairman, Digital Watermarking Alliance (DWA)
    • Rajan Samtani, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Peer Media Technologies
    • Dan Schnapp, Prtnr. & Ch. of New Media, Ent. & Tech., Hughes, Hubbard & Reed
    • Yangbin Wang, CEO, Vobile
    • Marvin Wheeler, Chairman, Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA)
    • Vic Winkler, Author, “Securing the Cloud”
    • Moderator: Marty Lafferty, CEO, DCIA
  • Keynote 3 - Mark Davis, CEO, Scenios (Presentation)
  • Panel 3 – Audio/Video Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production Clouds
    • Tony Cahill, Chief Engineer, Constellation Solutions Group
    • Guillermo Chialvo, Gerente de Tecnología, Radio Mitre
    • Gerald Hensley, VP, Worldwide Entertainment Sales, Rovi Corporation
    • Ajay Malhotra, EVP, North America, Prime Focus Technologies
    • Todd Martin, SVP, Strategic Solutions Group. Chyron
    • Kirk Punches, VP, Business Development, Sorenson Media
    • Jostein Svendsen, CEO, WeVideo
    • Moderator: Marty Lafferty, CEO, DCIA
  • Keynote 4 - Jonathan King, SVP, Joyent (Presentation)
  • Panel 4 – Cloud Media Storage & Delivery
    • Bang Chang, VP, Server and Storage, SeaChange International
    • Stephen Condon, VP, Global Marketing Communications, Limelight Networks
    • Thomas Coughlin, President, Coughlin Associates
    • Gianluca Ferremi, VP Sales & Marketing, Motive Television
    • Corey Halverson, Product Director, Media Business Solutions, Akamai
    • Kshitij Kumar, SVP, Mobile Video, Concurrent
    • Kyle Okamoto, Sr. Mgr., Product & Portfolio Mgt., Verizon Digital Media Services
    • Mark Taylor, VP, Media and IP Services, Level 3
    • Moderator: Brian Campanotti, CTO, Front Porch Digital
  • Keynote 5 - Scott Brown, GM & SVP Strategic Partnerships, Octoshape (Presentation)
  • Panel 5 – Cloud Measurement, Analytics, Implications
    • Sean Barger, CEO, Equilibrium / EQ Network
    • Steve Hawley, Principal Analyst & Consultant, TVStrategies
    • Jonathan Hurd, Director, Altman Vilandrie & Co.
    • Monica Ricci, Dir. of Product Marketing, CSG International
    • John Schiela, President, Phoenix Marketing International (PMI)
    • Nick Strauss, Director of Sales, Verizon Digital Media Services
    • Mike West, CTO, GenosTV
    • Moderator: Marty Lafferty, CEO, DCIA
  • Keynote 6 - Jean-Luc Chatelain, EVP, Strategy & Technology, DataDirect Networks (Presentation)
  • Panel 6 – Years Ahead for Cloud Computing
    • Saul Berman, Lead Partner, IBM Global Business Services
    • Ian Donahue, President, American Standard Television
    • Chris Haddad, VP, Technology Evangelism, WSO2
    • Wayne Josel, Counsel, Media & Entertainment, Hughes, Hubbard & Reed
    • Steve Mannel, Sr. Dir., Media & Comm., Salesforce.com
    • James Mitchell, CEO & Founder, Strategic Blue
    • David Sterling, Partner, i3m3 Solutions
    • Chuck Stormon, CEO, Attend
    • Moderator: Marty Lafferty, CEO, DCIA
  • Keynote 7 - James Hughes, VP & Cloud Storage Architect, Huawei (Presentation)
  • Closing - Marty Lafferty, CEO, DCIA

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