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7-15-02 Letter From Technology Industry Leaders

4-12-02 Letter From Entertainment Industry Leaders


The primary motivating factor in founding the DCIA was to respond to the April 12, 2002 letter sent by Michael Eisner and fellow film studio chief executives to the chief executives of the world’s foremost computer hardware and software manufacturers. The letter expressed that “Unauthorized peer-to-peer file distribution... harms existing theatrical, home video and subscription outlets, and discourages legitimate on-line services which cannot sell access to movies, music and other entertainment content that are available for free. ”

The letter goes on to call for the creation of a coalition in which they may “work together in a consensus-based and cooperative fashion to find solutions to this problem that is threatening the very essence of our business. We thus propose the establishment of a new high level working group, independent or as part of an existing process, to find technical measures that limit unauthorized peer-to-peer trafficking in movies, music and other entertainment content.”

Recognizing that the United States Congress is watching the attempts at self regulation carefully, the letter states that “Establishing such an accountable and credible working group will better enable us to meet the call of Congressional leaders for regular reports to the Congress as to the state of our private negotiations.”

Thus, the DCIA was formed, first as the DCSC, to address these issues, inviting the full participation of the interested parties to swiftly move to find resolutions to the challenges at hand.

The DCIA does not advocate any particular agenda or position but publishes the opinions of its members, the research and findings of its working groups and offers a neutral forum for interested parties to exchange ideas and resolve differences.

The DCIA operates with both the financial support and active participation of its members.

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